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My Contribution to the Great Blogger’s Bake-Off…



Since someone I follow kept making so many references to this “Great Blogger’s Bake-Off” event, he ended up sowing the seed in my mind, even though I DON’T BAKE!

This is your fault, Gary, hehe. My kitchen is a mess.

Anyway, I have decided to enter with a red velvet cake in tribute to the Danish flag (Dannebrog) which is red and white. I am a proud Dane, after all. So, that’s my theme.

I went out and bought new supplies because again… I DON’T BAKE… so I had no baking equipment at home and why is that stuff so expensive? Again, I blame you, Gary, heh.

But moving on… the process was a lot of work but strangely satisfying.


It looked really good coming out of the oven… but it didn’t rise a lot.


Which made cutting it in half quite the challenge since it was almost flat.


I ran out of the vanilla creme too damn fast and had to improvise for the top layer.

Glaze it was… topped with some red and white sprinkles to stick to the theme, naturally.


Then I took it out of the form, put in on a cake plate and decorated it with some berries.


I got a little artistic with the set-up.


And the first bite was delicious. This is not a bad cake, at all.


It’s also not the prettiest cake but maybe my presentation will save/sell it?

Wish me luck.



Ps. If you wanna enter, you have until July 18/19 to send your entry to Mel:

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