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Fan Vid: The Pretender – Complete PEZopedia

My third Pretender video has landed.

When I found this song, I knew it had to be done… and well, I think we can safely say that Jarod is in obvious need of a very serious PEZ intervention. Pezervention?

But who am I to talk when I just ordered the complete Star Trek The Next Generation 25th Anniversary PEZ dispenser set just because I wanted a PEZ Data. He’s my favorite.

I find this PEZ obsession Jarod has hilarious. I know it probably started as a brand deal for PEZ/NBC but it provides a really precious side to the character. Basically, it’s adorkable.

And hey, I happen to have a love of PEZ candy too, so of course, I completely support it.

Also… is there a limit to how much PEZ you should put on a frame? I think not xD

My other Pretender videos:

Jarod: Run Boy, Run!

Jarod & Sydney: Love Comes Back Around

I think my next one is gonna focus on Jarod and Miss Parker. But I am having a difficult time finding the perfect song that really fits them on all levels. We shall see.

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