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Fan Vid: The Pretender – Jarod + Miss Parker – I Still Feel You

I am on a roll.

My fourth Pretender video is done. I’m just feeling so inspired by this show.

I finally got to Jarod and Miss Parker… her first name has never been revealed – although Jarod is one of the few who knows it because she told him when they were kids.

The song is “I Still” by the best boyband in existence = The Backstreet Boys.

These two. Awh, man. I don’t even know how to explain my frustration regarding this pairing. The cat and mouse game they played was captivating, their mutual attraction ridiculously obvious and the chemistry between the actors super duper delicious.

The Pretender (TV series) - Wikipedia

What this show is basically about is a genius named Jarod who is kidnapped as a child by an evil organization known as The Centre who keeps him locked up as a prisoner for 30 years so they can exploit his intelligence for simulations and sell the information.

Miss Parker is the daughter of the leader of said organization so she is always hanging out at The Centre as a kid – and since her dad is always working and her mom is dead, she is left by herself a lot, so she befriends Jarod and more or less grows up with him.

They have a cute puppy love thing and kiss when they’re about 10.

When Jarod escapes The Centre as a grown man, she is put in charge of capturing him and bringing him back to the Centre by her father. At this time… she and Jarod, presumably, hasn’t been in contact for a while since she must have left The Centre at some point and probably gone to college. They slowly get reacquainted with each other over the course of the series, rekindling feelings they had as kids but they can’t act on it.

It’s clear that especially Jarod still carries a torch for her from when they were children… he displays a significant protectiveness towards her… even though she is the one sent to take his freedom from him… while Miss Parker often remains annoyingly cold and aloof… it can at times seem like a one-sided crush unless you pay attention to the nuances of their interactions… but I think that’s because Jarod always has his heart on his sleeve whereas she is as repressed emotionally as can be after being raised by a psychotic father who regards any show of emotion as weakness. Jarod is governed by his feelings… while she is ruled by detatchment… they’re such opposites and spend most of season 1 antagonizing each other but there’s always some current of sexual tension underneath it.

It mellows out in season 2 and 3 where he starts calling her more often to help her with answers about her past… then those phone calls morph into just being there for her when she is going through hard times or when he simply feels lonely… by season 4 she lets him walk right out the door when she could have stopped him (something season 1 MP would never have done) and by the time the movies arrive, they almost kiss and he declares his love for her openly – which she, unfortunately, is unable to really handle since she remains conflicted about her loyalty to her father and her feelings for Jarod throughout the series. Despite the fact she knows that what The Centre does is wrong.

I think both of them comes to enjoy the “game” they are playing… not that Jarod likes being hunted but it says a lot that he keeps leaving her intentional little clues to follow when he is more than capable of completely disappearing off her radar if he wanted to.

Honestly, they have a much too intimate relationship and talk a lot more than a hunter/prey should… until there’s almost constant communication between them in some way; be it phone calls, working together when their allegiances are the same or him sending her gifts; a painting he did of her as a child, a portrait he did of her in glass, a ring, rosary, and music box that belonged to her mother, a bunny for Christmas, a “Be My Valentine” candy for Valentine’s Day and he writes a freaking best-selling romance novel (The Saddest Little Valentine) about her/them that even has her on the cover.


“The book speaks for itself.”

Um yeah, I’d say… subtlety is definitely not your strong point, Jarod… lol.

But the best episodes are those where they are trapped somewhere together for a while. The looks, the heated conversations, the sparks that fly. It’s what I live for in a perfect OTP (One True Pairing) as a fangirl and what keeps my interest in the long run.

I had so much trouble saving this video by the way. Sony Vegas Pro would not work properly. Every time I tried saving the file it would glitch horribly in the final result. I had to go on Google to research the problem and then troubleshoot my way to a solution.

But it took forever and the frustration was real.

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I’ll probably divert back to Glee for my next video since I got a request from a follower named Lexi on YouTube. I’ve made a video for her once before that she absolutely loved.

This one:

Gotta love Klaine.

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      1. Ohhh, you have so many good things to look forward to. I think this series have some of the best stand alone episodes ever written for a show. Some of the writers they had were very gifted at writing super emotional stuff. Especially season 2 and 3 have some of my favs πŸ™‚

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