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Dedicated to Diamond Painting…

I am so happy. My new diamond painting arrived yesterday and once again, it’s one of Spooky. I’ve already finished the first one I had made from one of his pictures.

But more on that later. What is diamond painting, you may ask?

Oh, just one of the best hobbies you can have on this planet.

It’s like Paint by Numbers.

But instead of paint, you use tiny little “diamonds” aka plastic squares (or round ones, depending on what you prefer) that you place on a sticky canvas on it’s matching number or symbol. And tadaa, suddenly you can create beautiful shimmery images. Without the mess that comes with normal painting; that is where it beats Paint by Numbers.

What I also love about it is that you have to be completely focused on what you’re doing which leaves no time to think about anything else or anything at all, really. It’s like a magic stress reliever; nothing else matters when you’re working on it. It’s almost like it somehow makes your brain bulletproof and nothing can get inside your head; no worries, no bad thoughts/feelings, nothing else exists except placing those squares correctly. Not even the concept of time can reach me when I diamond paint.

It’s the ultimate break from everything else going on in your life and it’s awesome.

I was first introduced to this by one of my exes named Susan who I am still on very good terms with. She started doing them and sharing her progress on Facebook and it just appealed to me right away. So I decided to order a cheap one from China of a blue owl.

I learned three very important things from this.

1. This is addictive but hard work. Like… you have no idea what it does to your back. Ouch.

2. If you buy from China, you get what you pay for and that = not very clear images.

3. If I am gonna spend this much time on something, I want to do it right and buy quality.

So after I completed the owl, I went to a Danish supplier for my next one. A diamond painting created from one of my favorite pictures of my beloved dog, Spooky.

It was bigger than the owl… 80×60 cm but that is the size you need to get if you want the quality to match. The bigger a diamond painting is, the more detailed it will be. And of course, the price goes up with the size. Spooky’s pics are 500DKK each but it’s worth it.

I spent months on it and it wrecked me. I got such severe back pains from it that I had to have someone build me a leaning diamond painting table to take some of the strain off.

And I know I am probably not doing a good job at selling this hobby, but you have to keep in mind… I don’t do anything in moderation. When I sit down with this, I don’t stop for 8 hours at least. I get total tunnel vision and that’s why I’m in pain after every session.

I am sure that if you are a normal person who is able to control yourself, time manage it better, and willing to take breaks, that you will be fine. That’s just not me. My Asperger’s takes over full throttle and there’s no stopping that train once it’s on the tracks.

When it was finally done, I framed it and this was the result. Absolute perfection.

I can’t wait to begin my second one which is of a matching image; same location, same blanket, same nuances. On the first one he is laying down and on the new one, he is jumping up. I want to eventually hang them side by side as a complementary set.

It is gonna be great. Now I have something to help me kill time and get through the long dark winter. Which is vital in my situation. For me, it’s all about filling the hours.

7 thoughts on “Dedicated to Diamond Painting…”

      1. But that will look ugly and not fit with my decor at all xD Perhaps if I had a room just for crafting but I only have my living room to fit everything into and I am trying to keep it at least a little presentable πŸ˜›

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