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The Journey of 74.340 Diamonds Pt. 2…

Something bad happened when I sat down over holiday break to work on this diamond painting. I had barely worked on it for an hour when, somehow, the number paper ended up on the canvas and that is a big “no no.” I tried getting it off quickly but then this happened and I think my horror-struck shriek could be heard all the way to the moon.

Luckily, I was smart enough to take a picture of the paper before I attempted to remove it. Thank goodness or I would not have been able to tell which diamonds belonged to what number and that would truly have been a DP disaster you can’t come back from.

I had to turn to Youtube for tips on how to save it. I really appreciate all the diamond painters who care enough to upload videos on pretty much anything DP related. I found a video that told me what to do and once the canvas was saved, I got a lot done.

On day 1, I managed to complete the first small corner strip.

On day 2, I started early and got another strip done.

On day 3, I had completed about 1/6 of this diamond painting which is crazy productive.

But it comes with a price when you push yourself like this. I was feeling the strain. When you sit bent over for 7-8 hours at a time and you then try to stretch your back, back out… that is not a pleasant experience. I had to spread out on the hardwood floors just to get my spine back in alignment again. It’s painful and not something I’d recommend.

Yet, interestingly… it’s also not something you really notice as long as you’re focused on the work. It’s only afterward the punishment kicks in. Fascinating how the brain works.

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