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Fan Video: The Pretender – Jarod & Zoe – Helpless When She Smiles…

Yeah… I made another Pretender video. I apologize to everyone who doesn’t care one bit about my little videography hobby but this is my passion so deal with it.

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This will be my 6th Pretender video, I am really popping these out at record speed. I knew that I would get a lot of enjoyment out of watching this show again when I bought those expensive DVDs but it’s still taken me by surprise how into it I still am after 20+ years.

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This video is with Jarod and Zoe… the woman I believe he would have married if he had lived a normal life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I adore these two together. He is just so relaxed and joyfyl when he is around her. I ship it… really really hard.

Also, I have never seen anyone get owned so completely and so fast by another person – as she owns him. They’d barely met and she had him wrapped around her little finger; all she had to do was smile at him and he would do anything for her. He loved her.

How sad it was when he had to leave her… broke my fucking heart.

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Me whenever I watch their goodbye scene.

The song is “Helpless When She Smiles” by The Backstreet Boys. I could not have found a more fitting tune for this particular pairing. It’s like their theme song.

The way they meet is controversial though. I mean, she basically sexually assaults him by sticking her tongue down his throat in a diner before they even know each other.

I kept thinking, as I edited, that such behavior would never have been accepted in these #MeToo times. The masses would have come for them… hard… armed with pitchforks.

Or ya know… maybe they wouldn’t… since it’s a girl doing the deed and not the guy.

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It wasn’t that long ago that Glee aired an episode with a scene that was 50 shades of inappropriate and practically nobody batted an eye because the girl was the perpetrator.

It went down in history as the “vapo-rape” incident… let me just see if I can find it.

Youtube has everything and we are very grateful.

Watch that and tell me there would not have been public outrage if a guy had crawled on top of a sleeping girl, opened her shirt and fondled her chest like that.

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Tina and Blaine are good friends on the show; she has crush on him but she knows he’s gay and in love with Kurt. He tells her two seconds before this happens that he is “gold star gay” and she still confesses her feelings for him and then continues to do that.

While crying creepily, I might add. It was just bizarre.

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Anyway… I’m still looking for a perfect song to do with Jarod and Nia. It’s proving to be harder than I thought but I am not giving up… I know it’s out there.

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