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I’ve Decided To Be Generous To Yours Truly & Gift Myself A True Blessing…

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I just bought Sony Vegas Pro 18 – Suite Edition. How much, you may ask? Well.

Now, before you say anything… yes, I know that is an insane amount of money to spend on a hobby that makes me no income. But do I really care? Nope.

I never got myself anything for my birthday and I saved up that money for a long time. If I want to use it on something that brings me joy, but may not be sensible spending in other people’s eyes, then so be it. You only live once. Gotta do what makes you happy.

And I mean… I edit… a lot. My Youtube channel is anything but empty. I’ve built up quite an impressive number of fan videos over the years… and that’s just on my current channel. I have a bunch more on my old channel that I only just right this instant recovered the log-in for. Holy hell… I never thought I would ever regain access to this again. It makes me so nostalgic; all my Stargate, Twilight and Supernatural vids are on it. Now I can finally edit the information on there with a link to my active channel and delete the old video duplicates I have already added to it. This pleases my OCD.

In any case, I’ve been making these for over a decade. I just never lost the interest.

Besides… this pack is the ultimate pack.

Sony Vegas Pro 18 Suite is the deluxe hamburger with the lot version of the program. It comes with a collection of premium professional programs, video effects and applications that would cost $2000 in total if all bought separately. This is a tremendously valuable suite of programs that gives you the ability to create just about anything you can think of.

When I saw that it came with SoundForge Pro 14, I basically salivated. For years, my videos have suffered because I couldn’t edit sound files in basic Sony Vegas Pro.

It did not come with a built-in audio editor and it’s been such a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I just finished a new Klaine video – that would be Kurt and Blaine from Glee – in case you’re not familiar with ship names. I fulfilled another request from Lexi with the song “Sorry” by Buckcherry. Why she would want a full video with Klaine just being sad and apologizing to each other, I will never know… but her word is my command.

Give it a watch, if you like.

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