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Enjoying The Droplets Of Spring Rain…

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It’s been raining. Not only that… but we got snow too…. in April?!

We had one day where the weather was completely bipolar. It would be windy but dry, then it would rain for about 10 minutes, then a snowstorm would hit but it would only snow for like 3 minutes before the cycle started over. And round and round we went… all day long. I think the climate is really confused about what season it is, and now, so am I.

It did give me a chance to do one of my favorite things though. Photographing raindrops.

Otherwise, I have to admit that I am still in a funk after Saturday and I am making bad decisions… especially in regards to my diet and the amount of soda I am consuming. Sigh. It’s very frustrating… and I am finding it really hard to break out of it so I am just trying to keep my mind occupied and distract myself with my hobbies.

I am also mentally preparing for tomorrow where I’m taking Spooky to the vet to get that lump checked out. I hope we get good news because I can’t really handle the alternative.

He is my everything.

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