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There’s Someone Very Special That I Would Like to Introduce You To…

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Everyone… meet the absolutely stunning Jasper.

The latest addition to our family and Spookster’s new baby brother. He is about 8 months old and we picked him up today. I am head over heels in love with him already.

Life works in mysterious ways. Just yesterday I went from the lowest low when I found out I wasn’t getting the Sphynx cats I had been trying to secure… to the highest high when this beauty was spontaneously offered to me for free… in the span of an hour.

Safe to say, I jumped on the opportunity.

I’ve always wanted a completely white cat and suddenly this kitty is dropped in my lap by fate. It just shows that there’s a reason for everything and that the universe will send good things your way when the time is right.

Today we are thankful.

The first introduction went well. There was no aggression from either of them.

Spookster was so excited to have a cat back in the house. It’s been about 2Β½ years since Saba, his kitty BFF died. He was jumping around, whining and wanted to play, and Jasper was so calm. He actually allowed Spooky to get all the way up in his face, put a paw on him and lick his butt. All without as much as a hiss, scratch or slap.

I gotta say, the chill this cat possesses impresses me. Even Saba put Spooky in his place a couple of times. But Jasper just takes it. He is also extremely easy to handle, he will allow me to pick him up and manhandle him any way I like without fuss. He has the patience of a saint and he also hasn’t stopped purring every time I touch him.

I think they are gonna become great friends.

You can follow Jasper on his new Instagram.

And Spookster has been on Instagram since forever.

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