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The Pure Perfection Of Purple…

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So…. we’re back to nature blogging.

I love purple. After green, it’s my favorite color.

And it just looks so damn good on flowers, doesn’t it?

I don’t even remember when I took these. It’s been a while. I have a lot of nature shots that I haven’t shared yet… because I’ve just not had the energy to compose a blog post.

It’s kind of sad how even a small thing like that can seem unmanageable right now.

But things will turn around. The weather will be on my side soon and then I’ll recharge those long dead winter batteries. Because, I’m like Superman… I get my powers from the Earth’s sun. Jeeeeez… could I sound more like a geek right now? I’m sorry, I just watched the Superman: Man of Tomorrow animated movie and my nerdiness is showing.

This was pretty good. I may prefer Marvel but DC Comics has their moments.

And actually, I am not really sorry at all.

I'm A Nerd, And, Uh, I'm Pretty Proud Of It - Revenge Of The Nerds GIF -  Geek Nerd RevengeOfTheNerds - Discover & Share GIFs
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