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Jasper Has Vanished & I Feel Lost Too…

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Jasper is gone. I’ve only had him for a about a week and now he’s gone.

Last night he managed to open a window on the balcony on the 2nd floor and escape. He must have somehow gotten a hold of the wire and pulled it open. Clever kitty.

I don’t understand how a cat can look at that distance and think it a good idea to jump or climb or whatever, Saba never tried to, but Jazz isn’t a normal cat either.

I went out to look for him right away and my buddy came to help too… I know he’s still in the area because we’ve seen him and he seems absolutely fine; he was sprinting across the grass and didn’t seem injured at all. How that can be when he came from the 2nd floor, I don’t know. Maybe he’s an exceptional climber or maybe he was just lucky?

He was used to being outdoors in his previous home and he seemed to be having too much fun to even contemplate coming to me. It doesn’t help that we haven’t had more than a week to bond either. I tried luring him with treats and he totally didn’t care.

Last night he was just gonna do his thing and I accepted that and went to bed.

I’ve been out looking for him again today. No sign of him. However, one neighbor did report seeing him trying to climb back up on the balcony late last night.

I have also reported him missing at the national animal protection association as well as a couple of Facebook groups and I’ll go back out tonight. This time with catnip.

He has to be hungry as hell and it’s been cold and windy so it can’t be much fun for him anymore. I just hope he hasn’t left the immediate area. This can’t be how it ends.

Wish us luck.

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