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Are You Ready For The Best News Ever…?

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Jasper is home!

He was stuck in a giant pile of cut down trees behind my building.

He kept meowing and we couldn’t see him, only hear him. It was a struggle to get him out. We were removing branches for 45 minutes and still couldn’t see him. We could in theory have been rescuing another cat and wouldn’t have figured that out until the end.

I even briefly considered calling the fire department to rescue him because it seemed hopeless. In the end I had to crawl into the pile and finally found him. Only his head was sticking out so I had to dig even deeper so he could get a paw free. Then I called him and he ran straight into my arms and just sat there totally trusting as I crawled back out.

I am covered in leaves and dirt and my hands are scratched up but he is fine. Doesn’t seem hurt at all. There’s no sign of broken bones, internal bleeding, concussion, shock, or teeth damage. He acts like nothing at all happened to him which just baffles me.

He’s a little badass and he must be an exceptional climber. There’s no other explanation. But I will never underestimate this cat ever again. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it happened. I had Saba for 13 years and she never ever tried a stunt like this.

She would just sit in the OPEN window and look out, that was enough for her.

I wasn’t expecting Jasper or any other cat to jump from the second floor on purpose. I mean, no cat in their right mind would try and scale that. My cat is nuts! God help me. He’s a crazy little one but at least now I know he’ll do anything and I can be prepared.

He’s been glued to me ever since we found him. He’s so glad to be home. But these last 24 hours have just been awful. This can never happen again. I need to find some sort of solution for the balcony windows so this escape artist won’t try another Houdini act.

You know what’s extra sad?

I had to delete all of the posts about Jasper’s disappearance on the FB cat groups. The amount of haters who wanted to blame me for what happened was overwhelming.

Seriously, they need to get a fucking grip. Attacking someone who is already upset and stressed out about the whole situation is not the decent way to act.

And I see this on all posts, not just mine. Self-righteous assholes, all of them.

When did people become so cold and hateful?

I don’t need this.

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8 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The Best News Ever…?”

    1. Oh, I think he will definitely try it again, he loves being outside. But I have contacted a company that make those webs you put in windows so I’ll see what they come up with in regards to kitty proofing that balcony πŸ™‚

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