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Trying The Concept Of The Cat Bag & Stopping The Disgusting Poop Monster…

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I had to buy a fancy cat toilet because SOMEONE tends to think that Jasper’s poop is a delicious buffet made just for him. I am not mentioning any names but it starts with S and ends with Y and he’s a disgusting little piece of shit. Pun intended.

Now this individual can’t get into the litter box anymore.

Luckily, Jazz took to it right away and there’s been no problems with him switching from a walk-in toilet to a jump-in toilet. He’s seriously such a good kitty.

Then last night, I actually tried something a little risky. Taking Jazz with us on the night walk. And I mean… ok… so this is surprisingly not the worst idea I’ve ever come up with.

I figured Jasper “The Explorer” Rasmussen could benefit from a little outdoor exposure since he seems to love it so much. Unfortunately, he would not walk on a leash at all which is a shame. I had hoped he could burn off some of that energy he has after going from outdoor cat to indoor cat. But at least he looked quite content sitting in the bag.

It’s a cat bag, by the way; he is wearing a harness and the harness is attached to the bag so he wasn’t going anywhere even if he wanted to. But I didn’t have to hold him still or stop him from trying to climb out or anything; he just sat there, totally chill, looking at everything, and he weighs practically nothing so it wasn’t a strain on me either.

This shall be tested further. It would be fantastic if I could take him with me on hikes.

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5 thoughts on “Trying The Concept Of The Cat Bag & Stopping The Disgusting Poop Monster…”

    1. Saba used to do that too. But Jazz is still so new here. I am not comfortable trying to let him loose yet. I might try it eventually when we stay at my parents house, they have a cat door he could use to go in and out himself but it’s important to establish his connection to me first πŸ™‚

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    1. He’s a good kitty, then πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, Jazz just seemed to get more and more frustrated the more I took him out. By the 4th time he was trying to escape from the bag over and over so I figured it was better to just leave him at home.

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