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Balcony Design & Pet Thoughts…

I have been doing some home renovations on the balcony the last few days. I spring cleaned it and added and removed some stuff so it looks just a little more organized.

. One of the best things I’ve added are fake grass carpets.

I originally only bought one, but the animals loved it so much and the floor out there is not in the best condition, so I decided to cover the whole thing.

I also finally managed to find a couple of grids that fit into two of my balcony windows.

Then I put a bunch of fake flowers on them – more flowers will be added but those things are awfully expensive so these will have to do for now.

Isn’t it super pretty? I love my little oasis. It’s my favorite thing about my home.

I hadn’t been able to open the windows since Jazz escaped and we’d already had some days where it was unbearably hot out there. I hoped this would be enough to keep Jazz inside. But just in case it wasn’t, I also got some green bird net to wrap around them.

It looks terrible with the nets so I am glad it wasn’t necessary in the end.

First, I tested it with Jazz while I was out there with him and he would just poke his head out… but not try to force his way out or climb on it, thankfully.

After watching him out there all yesterday afternoon/evening and him not trying anything, I decided to leave him alone with the open balcony on my 15-minute midnight walk with Spooky last night – and he was still there when we got home. I also just came back from a 30-minute walk with the windows open again and guess what… still there.

I think the balcony is officially escape-proof. Because I’m pretty sure that this cat wants to get out so badly that if he COULD get out, he would be long gone by now.

Spookster is in doggy jail.

My puppy pen was actually delivered on time and I’m very satisfied with it. It’s worth every penny I paid. Good quality but light weight and easy to assemble and put away.

It also has the potential to grow because it’s designed in such a way that you can buy another set and then you can put them together so in theory you would be able to keep buying more sets until you could frame the whole garden wherever you are.

That’s definitely a possibility for the future.

I took this picture of Jazz about a week ago and then I had a sense of deja vu. So I went though my pictures of Saba and found this one of her. Look familiar?

There’s something fascinating about these images. My old cat and my new cat laying in the exact same spot in the exact same pose but with completely contrasting colors. They are polar opposites; so different from each other yet both still gorgeous in their own way.

And it’s not like I planned it like this.

It just happened.

Its Beautiful GIFs | Tenor

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