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A Very Happy Birthday To The Best Mother In The World: Mine!

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This week is my mother’s birthday week. She turned 64 on June 2nd.

Here she is as a young girl. I see some resemblance in this photo. Even though everyone always says I look like my father and my sister looks like our mother.

We have a good relationship.

Of course, we went through some hard teenage years but we got through it. I love her dearly and I know she loves me. Despite the fact that we are nothing alike when it comes to personality. I don’t think she understands me, hell… no one does. That’s not unusual at all. But she is still always in my corner and I find that this is an unusual quality in people.

So I may be unlucky in life in general, but I hit the jackpot in the parents’ department.

I don’t think I would be alive today, had I been born to anyone else. It sounds extreme but literally no one else I know have folks that provide for their kids as much as mine do – even after they are no longer obligated to do so because I’m a grown-up.

They could have said; “You’re an adult, it’s time to take care of yourself” and I know some people/parents’ are like that… but they never did. They knew I needed some special help and support, and never left me to fend for myself. For that I am forever grateful.

We celebrated her on the day last Wednesday. It was a simple affair with dinner for just the closest family since that was what she wanted. She doesn’t ask for much. She is a genuinely kind person with her heart in the right place and she deserves the world.

So Happy Birthday… wonderful mother of mine.

May you have many more.

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