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A Week At The Summer House…

The last week I've spent at my parents' summer house. It's a pretty big place with room for the whole family; my folks, my sister, her husband and her two kids, me and my pets as well as a couple more people on the couches. This week it was just my parents, myself and of… Continue reading A Week At The Summer House…

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The Annual Christmas Road Trip…

Yesterday was the annual Christmas road trip to Jutland with my buddy. We were a little late on this but we weren't sure if we would do it this year because of Corona and we did skip most of the usual stops... like the traditional Christmas lights at the congress center because it's indoors -… Continue reading The Annual Christmas Road Trip…

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Fan Vid: The Pretender – Complete PEZopedia My third Pretender video has landed. When I found this song, I knew it had to be done... and well, I think we can safely say that Jarod is in obvious need of a very serious PEZ intervention. Pezervention? But who am I to talk when I just ordered the complete Star Trek The… Continue reading Fan Vid: The Pretender – Complete PEZopedia

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Happy Halloween!

Someone asked me if we celebrated Halloween in Denmark. The answer is... kind of. We only just adopted Valentine's Day about a decade or so ago and the Danes are slow to accept new things. It's dull progress. Many despise Valentine's and refuse to celebrate it on principle because they think it's one big money… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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Gummy Bears from Hell?

OMG! *laughs hysterically* This is the funniest thing. *wheezes for breath* I can't even... *struggles to compose herself* Okay, but seriously... you should check it out: Gummy Bears Reviews. This totally made my night. How have I never heard about this before? Apparently, these particular gummy bears cause explosive diarrhea. That's news to me. The… Continue reading Gummy Bears from Hell?