The Whimsical Woman

Hi, I’m Kianna. The owner of this space. I like to be 100% authentic and genuine wherever I go and I tend to completely overshare. What can I say? Being myself online doesn’t scare me. Which you can probably tell from this blog. I’m an open book. What you see is what you get.

I live in a town called Roskilde in Denmark, Scandinavia and I speak and write fluent Danish and English. I understand Norwegian, Swedish, and a bit of German and French too. I wouldn’t consider myself linguistic but I do like languages a lot better than math.

I am also an Aspie, which means I have Asperger’s Syndrome aka autism. I guess you call it “high functioning.” I’ve learned to adapt to an extent that I can pass as mostly “normal” – whatever that means these days. Maybe I’m a bit quirky, but who even cares? I surely don’t.

I am a devoted dog-mom, some would say I am obsessive about my dog, Spooky, a Hairless Chinese Crested – and they would be absolutely correct. But I make no apologies for it; if you can’t understand this, then our personalities probably won’t mesh well. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true.

I also just added a kitten in April 2021… he is an 8 month old white wonder and I named him Jasper. He’s so stunning, has the highest purr and I am already in love with him.

I have a very creative spirit. My hobbies include painting, photography and video-editing… and if you’re curious about that then you can see some of my work on the different pages above.

I’m also an author and I read A LOT. You really have to if you want to be a good writer. I’ve written 3 books, although only one has been published so far. I’m never satisfied with anything I write so I’m still tweaking it… and tweaking it… and tweaking it some more. It’s pretty annoying, actually.

I am very adventurous and not really scared of anything to an extent that it would stop me from trying new things. I love to push the limits in this life, especially my own and I try to keep active; not so much for appearance’s sake – it’s really a health thing that comes very naturally to me.

I’m a bit of treehugger and I consider myself a protector of nature and animals. I don’t eat meat but I’m not one of those judgemental vegetarians/vegans who are out to convert everyone by twisting their hand. This is a very personal choice that is up to the individual to make and it can’t be forced. Without the true conviction and passion for the cause the lifestyle won’t stick anyway.

I call myself an Atheist, but I am spiritual – just not religious. I guess, if I did have a religion, it would be kindness. My aim in life is just to be happy as often as I can and to help those around me be too; I like to help whenever possible and when you’re around me it’s a judgement free zone.

I struggle in life like everyone else – even if it doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot and I have my own baggage, that’s for sure. But I also have an optimistic outlook despite all the shit. I’m a positive person to my core. I believe that happiness is a mood and fleeting but positivity is a mindset and therefore permanent. It’s important to remember that you can’t be happy all the time… but you can always choose to stay positive, even when life seems dark and bleak.

So keep your chin up, carry on and don’t ever lose hope.

I guess that’s all, folks.

Take care!